Dzharylhach Island

The world is still full of wonderful undiscovered destinations where wild nature still reigns. One of these places can be found in the north of the Black Sea and is called the Dzharylhach Island. The island and its wonderful bay are included in a national park by the same name, preserving the diversity and uniqueness of this almost untouched natural heaven. This is the largest island of the Black Sea, with an area of about 56 sq. km. and a length of 42 km. It is located just a few kilometres from the coast of Ukraine and the city of Skadovsk, in the Kherson Oblast region. The uninhabited Dzharylhach Island is an enchanting natural destination, with unique flora and fauna, as well as pristine beaches and mineral springs. A wide variety of bird species, as well as wild deer, boars and mouflons, have habitats on this island, making it truly astonishing for anyone visiting. Among the unforgettable experiences of this island, travellers can also admire the dolphins that swim close to the shore and are not afraid of people.

During the summer season, regular boats take visitors to Dzharylhach Island for day trips that can be spent sunbathing, swimming or exploring the island and its wildlife. There is a huge stretch of pristine sandy beach along the southern shore of the island and chances are that anyone could find a quiet and serene spot. While there are not many tourist services on the island, visitors usually come prepared for a day of complete serenity, some even choosing to camp on the wilder parts of the beach. The most interesting structure of the island is an old lighthouse built by a student of Gustave Eiffel. Travellers also arrive on the Dzharylhach Island to discover the untouched nature, admiring the beautiful landscapes and the spectacular biodiversity. A trip to this destination is mostly like an evasion into the heart of nature, a truly inspiring experience for anyone! It will mostly appeal to nature and adventure seekers, people that wish to reconnect to the energy of nature, amidst wildlife, clear blue sea, white sand and overall stunning landscapes.

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